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What happens if the price goes down after we make our reservation and deposit.
Rainbow travel will protect your reservation at the new price.
What is the cancellation policy
Rainbow travel does not impose any cancellation fees over the cruise line. If you need to cancel prior to final payment there is no cancellation fee. After that time it varies depending on the cruise line.
I tried to make our reservation online and we encountered a problem
Contact us and we will assist you in completing your reservation.
I made a reservation for 2 passengers and now I need to change that to 3.
You will need to contact us so we can verify that your stateroom will hold 3 passengers and availability is current
What other type of fee are involved in making our reservation online.
There are none. You will only pay for the cruise, port charges and gov't fee.
If you do not see your question please send us an email to
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